[DW]first japanese frigate

A cosy evening at home, my wife stitching a costume for my son, I was painting, both on front of the TV…

So I painted my first little boat from Dystopian Wars tonight, in about one and half episode of Bones, about 1 hour painting.

Pictures are taken by my wife.

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010221.jpg” caption=”aie aie captain” ]

Color scheme is inspired from the WW2 Zero winter camo.

Sceneries are my tiles recently created, rocky river edges becomes cliffs!

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010222.jpg” caption=”stop in a creek” ]

As this is a Steampunk world, I tried to make copper tank at the back of the ship, using gold paint and several washes (brown, blue and green).

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010223.jpg” caption=”clear cliffs, no bunker in sight” ]

You can notice the mini freehand flag, it should represent the Japanese Imperial Flag, but in 2mm by 1.5mm size.

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010226.jpg” caption=”see the small flag !” ]

This scheme suits me, I will keep on painting the 8 remaining frigates this way.

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010228.jpg” caption=”front with too much light” ]

[lg_image folder=”/modelisme/figurines/completed/DW_eotbs” image=”P1010229.jpg” caption=”avec un soleil couchant” ]

I will try to add a smoke plume going out the chimney

So, do you like this color scheme ?



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